Useful Information Trekking and Tour

This is the essential lists of necessary equipment and things during trekking and tour. in this list, we generally all the trekking in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet trekking tour. It maybe varies from different conditions.

Trekking Essentials

  • Backpack with outside pockets to keep smaller items
  • Trekking boots, well broken in and waterproofed. Gaiters to keep snow out of boots
  • Trekking boots, well broken in and waterproofed.
  • Woollen sweaters and down jacket, gloves, windproof outer garments, pants jacket, skirts, T-shirts, shirts, baggy pants and underwear
  • Several pairs of woollen and few pairs of nylon socks. A pair of sandals
  • Sleeping bag adequate for temperatures encountered
  • Hat with wide brim and sun lotion cream
  • One liter water bottle and some food for contingencies
  • First aid medical kit
  • Headlamp with spare lithium batteries, battery backup and bulbs
  • Handkerchief and toiletries
  • Pen, pencils and letterhead to write an emergency message
  • Pocket knife with opener and scissors
  • Sunglasses with spare eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them
  • Umbrella and raincoat
  • Camera

Important Information Before Your Trip to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet

Down payment: 25% of total payment is required to confirm the reservation.
Payment of the Balance: Rest amount can be paid in our office after your arrival. If you pay through credit card or debit card, It will take extra 4% processing charge by Bank.

Arrival Point: You will be met at the Kathmandu international airport. Our office representative will be waiting for you holding play card of the Nepal Power Places. In case of your change plan, please let us inform.

Booking Air Ticket: If you don’t have a regular travel agent. We can also book air ticket for our clients.

Room Booking System: Normally we have two people in a room. Twin bed or single bed depends on the choice of guests and budget. If tourists want single room, s/he should pay single supplementary.

Trekking Leading Person: Our trekking guide will lead the whole trip with his/her helpers and porters.
Currencies: USD, AUD, EURO are major acceptable currencies in Nepal and visa and credit cards also accepted. There is ATM facility in city area.

Altitude Sickness: Altitude sickness will start from 3000 meter height. Trekkers should immediately inform trekking guide if faced any problems.

Drinking Water: We can get mineral water and boiled water in city area and in some trekking places. We use water purification tablet or liquid in some remote trekking sites.

Laundry Facility: Laundry facility are available in city area but not during the trekking.

Visa: You can get arrival on visa at Kathmandu airport that cost 30 USD for 15 days, 50USD for 30 days and USD 125 for 90 days. Please bring 2 passport size photos. You can get your visa from the closest Nepali embassy. We can also apply online through Nepal Immigration Website.

Orientation/Briefing Program: Before starting trekking, trekkers are provided with an orientation by our office representative or trekking guide about the necessary trekking information.

Group Size: There will be maximum 12 persons in one group.

Accommodation: You will stay in a nice tourist standard hotel/resort in city areas. Normal hotels or tents are available during the trekking.

View of Mount Everest: Trekkers to Everest region will, of course, see the Mount Everest. For trekkers visiting other regions where they cannot views Mount Everest, there are daily mountain flights which approach close to Mount Everest.

Travel Insurance: It is compulsory to have travel insurance to travel Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet..

Personal Expenses: It depends on your spending interest and shopping. There are some expensive handmade carpets, Thanka paintings, jewellery and handicrafts to purchase in Nepal.

Luggage: We take only about 15kg per person in trekking. Your excess baggage will be stored in a hotel.

Tips: Tips are highly accepted and appreciated.

Rules and Regulation

Nepal Power Places accepts your reservation under the following rules and regulations.
1. If the balance payment is not paid before your departure for trekking, the booking will be cancelled without any refund.

2. If there is war or the situation of the country is out of control and the country faces emergency situation before your arrival to Nepal, we inform you not to come Nepal and refund your payment. But in case of any emergency situation or war after your arrival or during the trekking, we will not refund your money. But we will try our best to make your trip successful and pleasant. In such situation, we may need to change the trip plan and itinerary.

3. In case of increase in government royalty and other costs such as the national park fee, you have to pay extra money.

4. If you commit any illegal act or disturbance for the safety and welfare of the group, our leader or guide can ask to leave the group without any right to refund.

5. If you have any complaints with regards to trekking and tour please inform our tour leader or company. All kinds of valid complaint are welcomed and processed with necessary actions.

6. You are responsible to ensure that all travel documents are with you during the entire trip.