Sailung Danda

Sailung Danda area located in the junction hills of Dolakha is known as Sailung and it is one of the most cultural heritage of the Himalayan region for the pilgrims of Bon, Buddhist and the Hindus. Sailung danda altitude is 3150m from sea level. The place gets its name from a Nepali word where “Sai” means hundred and “Lung” stands for the mountain. Therefore, the word stands for the area of many mountains. Some of the Tibetan references mention that the word “Sa“-Earth, “i“-generative particle and “Lung” -old inhabited valley, which is the interpretation of the Tamang communities living in this region who trace their origin to this area. The Tamang clans of the Timal, Moktan group connect their origin myth with this mountain. These are Tibetan origin people who migrated to this region in ancient time and settled here and started to pay respect to the mountains and other important natural monuments. This heritage is the common heritage for the Buddhists and Bons of the whole Himalayan region. There are caves and the mountain which are the pilgrimage centres for the practitioners of these practices living in the surrounding areas. The Buddhist practitioners link the mountain and the caves as the source of fertility and they worship this place as the Fertility God and God of Wealth. The Bonpo tradition followers link this for the recreation of the mystic power they possess after they reach their and do the healing power.

Panoramic view of Rolwaling mountain ranges from Sailung Dada, Dolakha
Panoramic view of Rolwaling mountain ranges from Sailung Dada, Dolakha (PC: Subarna1228/Wikimedia)
Sailung Dada
Sailung Dada PC:

On the top of the mountain of Thulo Sailung, the Buddhist practitioners respect and workship the chortens with Buddhists rituals. The ‘Landlord’ of the area of the Sailung is known as ‘Sailung phoi Sibda Karpo‘ therefore these people must have been the landlords of this region. There is a myth where the deity arrived in this area in the manifestation of white deer responsible for the fertility of the territory, therefore, the Tamangs link it to fertility god.

There are two major places called Thulo Sailung and Sano Sailung with different caves full of stalagmite and staglatite which are worshipped as the icons of Shiva, therefore, this is one of the important cultural heritage for the Hindus too. They link Sailung with Lord Shiva and Kalinchowk with Mother Goddess Shakti’s form in Durga.

Some of the Tamangs connect Thulo Sailung and Sano Sailung with the Buddhist Myth of the monkey manifestation of Avalokitesvara and the dew drops found in the cave equivalent to water drops from the stalagmite in the caves as the symbols of Shiva and Guru Rinpoche. Dasin Dolma, a manifestation of Tara, was using the ferment of alcohol for hi sto drink and later they had intercourse and creation of mankind began in this region. The white milk of the stalagmite is considered the symbol of that procreation myth. They also buried their dead ones in these mountains.


Kalinchowk is situated in the North-West of Charikot of Dolakha and is situated at 3842m above the sea level. This mountain is famous for kalinchowk Bhagwati for the Hindus where there is a Kunda (pond) of Bhagwati Mai at the hilltop. Idols of Goddess Bhagwati and Ganesh lies near to the pond while bells and trident are placed at periphery. Kalinchowk Bhagwati is taken as “The Wish-fulfilling Devi” and the Buddhist regard that place as the female deity and worship it as the source of creation. The mountain is a beautiful cultural heritage of the Himalayan Region. There is a Heritage of the sage Siddha Baba towards the south of the temple. There is a big festival celebration in Krishna Ashtami and Janai Purnima during which people sprinkle the holy water of Kalinchowk Kunda upon them and take Holy Bathe on Trishul Dhara (sprouts of water believed to have emerged out when Lord Shiva dipped his trident into the ground). this is also related to the Buddhist in many ways as the Tamangs of this area and the Bonpos of this area regard the perfect place for the heritage and religious and spiritual connection.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple
Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple at Kuri, Dolakha by Bijaya2043/ Wikimedia
Himalaya View from Kalinchowk
Breathtaking view of himalaya from Kalinchowk

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