Buddhist monk or nun is really meaningful way to spend your life as well as to benefit others. All of you know that Buddha was born in Lumbini garden which lies in Nepal. We are fortunate to preserve the monastic tradition started by the Buddha. But it is very sad to tell you that we don’t have female Buddhist tradition but still thousand of nuns to the devotion, dedication towards monastic life. It is great benefit in becoming ordained. The life of a Buddhist monk or nun for oneself or others.

Mayadevi Temple, Lumbini
Mayadevi Temple, Lumbini

Nepal is really a holy place to take ordination. Thousand of thousand people from Tibetan, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Europe and American peoples are practising Mahayana or Tibetan Buddhism.

Buddhist Teaching and Spiritual Guide

Before taking ordination, you showed know the Buddha teaching. Buddha said that first, you have to learn or study the teaching then practice it in your life if you like continuous it otherwise leaves it. Same here also first you have to understand Buddhist Psychology and practice it. you need someone who teaches and guide you without qualified teacher you cannot do true spiritual journey because you need guidance to practice. Our teacher can help you to provide the foundation for the monastic life as well as to understand when you are ready to take monastic vows of a teacher who can give you permission to take full ordination.

First, you need to spend some time living together in monastic community, take advice from monks or nuns about monastic life. Talk with monks or nuns who live in monastery and discusses the difference between before vows and after, practical information on how to follow one’s commitment whether they are happy with monastic path and are really in encouraging others for ordination.

If you interested in becoming a Buddhist Monk or Nun then you can directly mail us at bidur@nepalpowerplaces.com.

Monks at Boudha
Monks at Boudha by Wonderlane


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